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[10 Days of TOS] - 10 Favorite Quote - Kirk from Wrath of Khan
How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life.”

for your bucky x steve gif set from tws where did you get the footage from bc i cant find any links to the film online to make gifs

please come off anon for the link!


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actually the very best tag


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actually the very best tag

heyy where'd you get your source for the winter soldier gifs bc all the cams i've found have been totally unwatchable

hi! the cam i used is russian dubbed, so tbh i doubt it’s any more watchable than the others you’ve found


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star trek tos ➝ season one


coming soon to a computer screen near you 
Lonesome Dreams
that Inception AU fic by Katy where Kirk extracts, Sulu runs point, Chekov builds, Uhura forges, Bones mixes chemicals, Spock invades dreams, Scotty tags along, and Marcus sells secrets to the militant Klingon Corporation 
alternatively, the best dreamsharing team in the world hunt down the mole responsible for sending one of their own into limbo in the dream world and a coma in the real world